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What Are the Types of Jobs I Can Get as a CDL Driver?

Transportation is considered the backbone of commerce, opening numerous job opportunities for the drivers having  Commercial Driver's License (CDL). From local transport to long haul, a CDL driver has boundless options to choose from, each offering a distinctive adventurous journey and rewards.

This article is all about the different career paths and job opportunities awaiting CDL drivers to rule the kingdom of transportation. Awareness of this vast range of possibilities might be helpful for you if you are a CDL driver and you are planning to use it as a key for your future career.

What is meant by the CDL?

CDL stands for "Commercial Driver's License", it is a certain type of license, mandatory to manage vehicles used on a commercial scale. It can be divided into different classes, and each of these classes allows the drivers to run or operate specific kinds of vehicles depending on the size and weight. CDL can be used for multiple driving jobs, whether you are carrying passengers between different destinations or driving a truck on a long haul.

The Three Main Types of Driving Jobs

Depending on the distance covered, CDL driving jobs are usually categorized into three major types, these categories are given below,

1. Long Haul

Long-haul is a kind of job offered to CDL drivers that involves the transportation of goods by trucking over vast distances, usually across the states or even across borders. Long haul drivers often transport the goods far away from their hometowns and have to visit their family and home after some days or even after some weeks. Depending upon the experience, routes to be covered, and company rates, the long haul drivers usually earn about 10 to 20% more as compared to the local and regional drivers.

2. Regional driving jobs

Regional driving jobs often involve comparatively shorter distances to that of long-haul distancing. In regional driving jobs, the routes are limited to some specific geographic regions. These drivers also spend less time out of their homes. They have the opportunity to complete the assigned duties in a shorter time which makes this job more tempting to those who don't want to stay away from home for more extended periods.

3. Local Driving Jobs

Local driving jobs involve operating vehicles within a certain city or metropolitan area. They have routes that usually allow drivers to return home and enjoy their family time at the end of every day. Local drivers enjoy regular and almost fixed hours of work and are much more familiar with their surroundings.

Exploring Different CDL Driving Jobs

CDL is often mistakenly confined to the trucking industry only, which is not true at all. The CDL holders can choose from a variety of career paths, including the given below jobs,

a. Bus Driving

The public transportation sector presents a variety of employment opportunities and jobs to CDL drivers, such as operating school buses, and public transport systems, or performing duties in private companies. Bus drivers play an important role in commuting passengers to their desired destinations, doesn't matter if it's daily traveling or a cross-country journey.

b. Fire and Rescue

CDL drivers can also perform their duties for emergency services, driving specifically designed vehicles such as fire brigades and ambulances. These skillful and expert drivers undergo extensive training programs to take action in emergencies swiftly and efficiently to save precious lives and hence protect others.

c. Construction

The construction industry is another field where CDL drivers have a high demand. In this industry, these experienced drivers operate heavy-duty machinery like bulldozers, dump trucks, and cement mixers. They play a pivotal part in transporting the necessary construction materials to and from the construction places which is very important to accomplish any project.

d. Relocation

Many companies also accept the services of CDL drivers to transport household goods and furniture items in case of residential and commercial relocations. This job allows drivers to get in touch with customers and help them shift to their new offices or homes.

e. Waste Management

The waste management industry also hires the services of CDL drivers, where the CDL drivers operate and manage the garbage trucks to collect and transport waste materials from residential societies and commercial sites to recycling facilities or dump sites. They become the members of an aspiring team that plays its part in the cleanliness, and maintenance of different communities.

f. CDL Instructing

Expert and experienced CDL drivers can offer their services as driving instructors, where they teach and train aspiring drivers. They share their expertise, skills, and knowledge with the ambitious drivers, helping them to acquire their own CDL. This helpful job allows the instructors to assist the upcoming generation of drivers.

g. Owner-Operator Driver 

Many freedom lovers don't like to work under any certain job institutions. For those who also want to work independently on their terms and conditions, being an owner-operator driver is an ideal job for them.  An owner-operator has the opportunity to manage his own trucking business and enjoy the freedom of managing schedules, routes, and clients, whenever he is willing to do some work.  But it must be noted that an independent trucking job needs a significant investment but many drivers find the potential for earning more money in the long run.


If you are a CDL driver, you have a large number of careers to choose from. In other words, a CDL driver has the world in his oyster. Depending on your personal preferences, it's totally up to you whether you choose the freedom of the open roads, the adventure of the local route, or the expertise of a specialized driving job. In short, a CDL driver has always had a career path out there waiting for him. So, stop waiting and start your dream job as a CDL driver.

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