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Training American Truckers since 1963

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Our Mission

The goal of this site is to help you the new student or the new drivers navigate what can be confusing, conflicting and contradictory rules. Do you enter the truck driving industry to obtain your license and more importantly good pay meaningful employment that helps you support yourself and your family Over the past several years with new regulations new requirements new testing there’s a there’s a fair amount of confusion and complication that has arisen and getting your CDL or commercial drivers license. 

Why the CDL eXpert

What Sets Us Apart

Our goal here is to make it easy simple and hopefully fast for you to pursue this. 

I know this because I spent over 33 years in the training industry directly, and my families been involved in the driver training sector for over 60 years, basically when the first driver licensing systems were adopted and the first testing systems were implemented by law

So a lot of people ask me is trucking a good career option for me? So here are some highlights as to why it is an interesting option for a lot of people.

Demand for truckining is high and will increase
Drivers are being paid very competitively
The CDL license belongs to you and you have a skill in your pocket that is in demand


The first reason is that the modern economy is based on shipping goods and products via truck.  Whether it is a big larger, semi truck, a tractor trailer or it’s a box truck, which is typically for local deliveries or deliveries within 50 miles.   Everything you use and see in daily life is being delivered by trucks at many stages of their journey.

So these new trucks require drivers and this increased economy requires more drivers every year to go into the industry and drive them so the trucks and deliveries can be made.

At the same time there are more trucks and drivers needed there are people that have driven these trucks for a number of years and retire - this is a natural part of the economy. 

So that’s one of the first reasons why trucking could be a good career option for someone. simply put there is a big demand for workers in the space.

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