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About The CDL eXpert

The CDL eXpert is your guide and trusted adviser for your CDL career. Check back often for new info.

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How do I get my CDL?

Step 1

  • Complete ELDT Theory Training Here At The cdleXpert

  • We are a Registered ELDT theory Course

Step 2

  • CLP: take and pass this exam at your Local DMV

  • Obtain your DOT Physical

Step 3

  • Select a Behind-the-wheel school and start your ELDT BTW training

  • Complete your BTW Training

Step 4

  • CDL Skills Exam

  • Pass your CDL Skills Exam (Driving test)

Step 5

  • Go To Work! Put your CDL to work for YOU!

  • Obtain your (H) Haz-Mat endorsement here at The CDL eXpert for more job opportunities.

Want to learn how to gain in-demand skills and get paid? We've got you covered. Read our guide to getting your CDL.

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