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Training American Truckers since 1963


Strap in, Buckle Up, Let's Roll...

Start your truck driving career today with our Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT). We don't just provide training; we provide CDL best advice & Guidance. This course is the result of 60 years of experience and 100,000 successful graduates.

You Can Now Get ELDT Theory Online for Only $49.95

Questions? Give us a call:
(877) 423-5123 


100,000+ students have obtained their CDL, trained by three generations of CDL experts.

95% of those students were offered employment to start a career in trucking.

Everything is included! ELDT Certification + CLP Practice Questions + A guide to getting your first job in the trucking industry.

ELDT from CdleXpert is easy and manageable.
The time and explanation individual chapter is knowledgeable and precise. I learned a lot from enrolling there. This course cover ELDT and CPL practice too.

Done in 2 days

Easy to follow and log in and out as needed to complete.

The best cost-benefit course on the market
The best cost-benefit course on the market, with intuitive and easy teaching. All you need is time and dedication to obtain the best learning results.

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You Can Now Get ELDT Theory Online for Only $49.95

Are you ready to start a profitable career in truck driving? Our Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) Theory  course is designed to help you get your CDL quickly and efficiently so you can hit the road with confidence.

Strap in, Buckle Up, Let's Roll...

Questions? Give us a call:
(877) 423-5123 

How do I get my CDL?

Step 1

  • Complete ELDT Theory Training Here At The cdleXpert

  • We are a Registered ELDT theory Course

Step 2

  • CLP: take and pass this exam at your Local DMV

  • Obtain your DOT Physical

Step 3

  • Select a Behind-the-wheel school and start your ELDT BTW training

  • Complete your BTW Training

Step 4

  • CDL Skills Exam

  • Pass your CDL Skills Exam (Driving test)

Step 5

  • Go To Work! Put your CDL to work for YOU!

  • Obtain your (H) Haz-Mat endorsement here at The CDL eXpert for more job opportunities.

Want to learn how to gain in-demand skills and get paid? We've got you covered. Read our guide to getting your CDL.

Class A ELDT Theory, FMCSA Certification, a guide to getting a job in the industry, and CLP practice questions—all for one price. That's it; there are no hidden fees. 

Try For Free

Not ready to buy? We are so confident you will love our course, and we will let you try it for free. If you like it, we will give it to you for $5 off. If you hate it, email us and tell us why!

Hear From The Expert

We are so confident in our ELDT certification course that we will refund your money if you follow our system and do not pass.

We Are Registered  In The TPR

We registered with the FMCSA on the TPR. Want to check? Go to, search for "CDL eXpert," and click on the Online tab.

Course Features 

Learn From Anywhere

Learn from the comfort of your home or on the job from any phone or computer.

Instant Certification

Learn at your own pace, and get ELDT Theory Certification as soon as you complete all the material and pass the final exam.

Expert Support

Have questions about getting your CDL or need help with the course? Our team is there to help. 

Get Class A + HAZMAT Bundle 

$99.90 $69.90

Explore All of Our ELDT Certification Courses

  • FMCSA registered online theory for Class A

  • Commercial learner's permit practice questions

  • Job search training.

Required Course To Get Your Class A CDL.

  • FMCSA registered online theory for Class B

  • Commercial learner's permit practice questions

  • Job search training.

Required Course To Get Your Class B CDL.

  • FMCSA registered online theory for HazMat Endorsement

  • Practice questions for the DMV exam included.

Required Course To Get Your HazMat Endorsement

  • FMCSA registered online theory to upgrade your Class B to Class A.

  • Practice questions for the DMV exam are included.​

Current CDL Class B is required, BTW, for combination vehicles required after ELDT Theory.

  • Prepare for your Tanker Endorsement

  • Practice questions for the DMV exam are included.​

Not ELDT Required

Attention Schools and Trucking Companies: Buy more than one course in bulk!

Do you have more than one driver that needs ELDT? Contact us for bulk discounts.  

Your Questions, Answered

  • While you can complete the theoretical part of the CDL training online, the practical Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) training must be done in person. The online course will prepare you for the written knowledge test and give you a solid foundation for the BTW training.

  • The ELDT program is designed to provide comprehensive training for individuals seeking to obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). Our program covers all essential aspects of truck driving, including safety regulations, vehicle operation, and practical driving skills, ensuring you're fully prepared for a successful career in trucking.

  • The duration of the program varies depending on your schedule and learning pace. On average, it takes a few days to a few weeks to complete the coursework and practical training.

  • We strive to make our courses affordable without compromising on quality. Our online delivery model allows us to reduce costs and pass those savings on to you. Our goal is to provide high-quality training that is accessible to everyone. Rest assured, our course covers all necessary material to help you succeed.

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