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How Do I Make Money To Support My Family?

Updated: Mar 12

Make Money To Support My Family

In today's dynamic and fast-paced world, finding a reliable and high-income job to support your family is often challenging. Many opportunities require years of education and experience, which may not be feasible for everyone. However, there is one route that you might not have considered - becoming a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) holder. This profession, notably trucking, offers job security and a good income, often surpassing the $1,000 per week mark for entry-level positions.

This article will outline the process of getting a CDL license in a few weeks, securing a conditional job offer from a trucking company before obtaining your CDL, and how you can potentially earn more by adding a Hazmat endorsement.

Step 1: Obtain your CDL license

The first step towards entering this lucrative industry is to obtain your CDL license. This license will legally allow you to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), such as a truck. Depending on the state, you can get your CDL license in just a few weeks of training.

This training typically involves both classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel experience. The classroom instruction covers the theoretical aspects such as safety rules, vehicle operation, and legal responsibilities. The hands-on experience allows you to practice the skills required for driving a CMV, such as maneuvering and parking.

Once you complete your training, you will need to pass the CDL test, which includes both a written exam and a skills test. The skills test will assess your ability to inspect your vehicle, perform basic maneuvers, and drive on public roads.

Step 2: Secure a conditional job offer

While it might sound surprising, many trucking companies are willing to extend a conditional job offer to individuals who are in the process of obtaining their CDL license. These companies often struggle to find qualified drivers, and they recognize the potential in individuals who are actively working towards their CDL.

To secure a conditional job offer, start by researching trucking companies and reach out to their recruitment department. Express your interest in becoming a driver and inform them about your current training. If they see potential in you, they may extend a conditional job offer that will come into effect once you obtain your CDL.

Step 3: Start earning with an entry-level CDL job

Once you obtain your CDL, you can start your entry-level job and begin earning a significant income. Many trucking companies offer competitive starting salaries to CDL holders, often starting at $1,000 per week. This figure is a considerable income, especially for an entry-level job that only requires a few weeks of training.  After several months on the job new drivers drivers, who are safe and responsible typically get offered jobs paying 20-30% more.  This means within 6 months of starting your new job you can be earning $60,000 to $70,000 per year plus benefits.

If you're open to spending more time on the road, consider Over The Road (OTR) jobs. OTR truck drivers spend weeks at a time on the road, transporting goods over long distances. This kind of job often comes with higher pay due to the extended hours and long hauls.

Step 4: Enhance your earnings with a Hazmat endorsement

After some time in the industry, you might start looking for ways to increase your income. One of the best ways to do this is by obtaining a Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) endorsement. This endorsement allows you to transport hazardous materials, a job that not every truck driver can perform due to its inherent risks and requirements.

Getting a Hazmat endorsement involves passing an additional written test and undergoing a background check. Despite these extra steps, the endorsement can significantly boost your income as Hazmat-qualified drivers are highly sought after and often command higher pay.

In conclusion, getting a CDL and stepping into the trucking industry is a reliable and efficient way to earn money and support your family. This career path offers promising prospects, from securing a conditional job offer even before completing your CDL to enhancing your earnings with a Hazmat endorsement. Whether you're looking for a new career or wanting to shift gears in your current one, becoming a CDL holder might be the road to financial stability you've been searching for.

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